Brilliant Feng Shui Clutter Clearing System You know that it is necessary and very positive to do often in our spaces a good cleanup? Removing objects that you don’t use anymore, which accumulate a static energy, you’re creating space for new things in your lives. Which are not only material […]

[:en]Brilliant Feng Shui Clutter Clearing System[:EL]Εξαιρετικό Σύστημα Φενγκ Σούι για την Εκκαθάριση της Ακαταστασίας [:]3m国际娱乐网站官方

Over the past few years, I have had the luck to collaborate with the Visual Artist & Designer Nikos Maros on my projects lighting and art installations. Nikos is a notable artist in the field of art and design for his unique work that comes to life through the add […]

When Art Meets Design – Illuminated Bench from Plexiglas3m国际娱乐软件地址

6 Morning Detox tea recipes for healthy body and glowing skin. Eliminating the toxins from our body has never been so easy! A daily drink can literally make us beautiful not only from within but on the outside as well. So if you want to have a glowing skin and […]

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Beauty Secrets – Hydrating Mask with Avocado & Honey Taking care of myself with homemade beauty products has always been one of my favourite interests. I experiment with many recipes and from time to time I come across to some that I find magical!! So I thought it would be […]

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15 Decorating Ideas with Apples. An apple a day keeps the doctor away!! But what else delicious apples can give to you beyond a better health? Miracles in your seasonal autumn decoration!!! So, I collected for you some very beautiful and easy ideas to get inspired and add seasonal style […]

15 Decorating Ideas with Apples3m国际娱乐官网官网

10 Ideas to Decorate with Autumn Leaves Placemats from Leaves Start your day in the spirit of the season. Use a leave in gorgeous autumn colours as a placemat for your coffee or tea. Leave Mobile With a few autumn leaves and fishing line, you can create a beautiful mobile […]

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Wellness with Autumn Energy in Your Life and Spaces A few days ago I shared a post with the readers of “Enallaktiki Drasi”, a beloved blog of mine, an article about the harmonious coexistence with autumn season. You can read the article here. Learn the Secrets of Autumn Season How […]

Wellness with Autumn Energy into Your Life and Space3m国际娱乐地址

Changing a Wall with an Old Fashion Fireplace I started the works with my team to change the look of a wall with an old fashion fireplace. At my 3D sketch you can see my idea and the upcoming fresh and modern result. I decided that plaster was the best […]

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Fall is in the Air ~ DIY Air Fragrance I am always telling you how important it is to live in harmony with each season. And add to your interiors touches to bring the energy of each season. The first sense that is switched when we are entering an area […]

Fall is in the Air ~ DIY Air Fragrance3m国际娱乐地址

8 Easy Feng Shui DIY Ideas to Bring Metal Element into your Space As we discussed at my last post yesterday Feng Shui November ~ Northwest ~ Helpful People & Travel, the presence of the metal feng shui element at the northwest of your spaces is very important. So, I’ll […]

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November Feng Shui ~ Helpful People & Travel ~ Northwest According to Feng Shui, this part of fall season, which is activated by the Element of Metal, is located in the northwest of our spaces. It represents the helpful people and blessings in our lives and our travels. The presence […]

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Organizing Tips for November Believe it or not, the winter holidays are coming quickly. Here are a couple of reminders plus more strategies to get you through the next few weeks. Plan Your Christmas Card List Do you send out Christmas cards? Get an earlier start by checking your address […]

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DIY – Leaf Pressings Wall Art To preserve the beauty of colorful fall foliage, press leaves between books. When fully dry, display leaves between two pieces of same-sized glass. Secure the pieces of glass together by wrapping the edges with colored, linen book cloth tape. DIY – Leaf Pressings Wall […]

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Autumn Inspiration: Part Deux The weather has turned little chilly, I think that calls for a little more autumn inspiration…

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10 Τips for Organizing your Βedroom Closets Get organized and clear the clutter with these clever ideas, methods, and products. Tip 1: Seasonal Change It’s possible that no matter how much you try to edit and organize, you just have too much stuff to fit in your closet. If that’s […]

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Fall Party Decoration As it is my son’s b-day today and we’re into this beautiful autumn season, I thought to share with you beautiful decoration ideas for an autumn party. Fall Party pictures: birdsparty If you’re interested to decorate a special event or party, feel free to contact me so […]

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